Hazelnut oil

7.96  (60kn)

Neto: 100ml



Hazelnut oil is produced by cold pressing the hazelnut core and is rich in vitamins B1, B6 and vitamin E, which helps with inflammatory processes and soothes irritated skin. Vitamin E is also known as the vitamin of youth and beauty.

Hazelnut oil is primarily recommended in dermal use because of its exceptional skin action: it absorbs very quickly and leaves no greasy trace on the skin. It also promotes better circulation in the skin. This is why hazelnut oil is the first choice for oily and mixed skin care and for problematic acne skin.

Hazelnut helps to strengthen the capillaries and regenerate cells, and promotes circulation. A mixture of carefully selected essential oils and hazelnut oil makes synergy that very quickly and effectively contributes to solving the problems of varicose and/or inflamed veins, cracked capillaries, strech marks, scars, cellulite.