Eco beekeeping Gusak

Why ecological beekeeping?

It just simmered inside me for years. I grew up surrounded by nature, the river, the bees…

My grandparents, father and mother always aspired to grow something of their own, natural and home made, which everyone likes to emphasize today We always ate vegetables that had their own flavor and smell, meat from our yard that cannot be bought in stores today. Years have passed, now we are int he roles of mothers and fathers, our children are growing up and it would be logical that we have made progress. But what happened in these twenty years- few people think about nature and natural flavors, both we and children are forced to eat something!!!

Something that has lost its natural flavors and characteristics.

We said enough and that is why everything we do and will do will have an ECO sign!!!!

  • Many say we sell honey at higher prices, and they forget that by adhering to environmental principles, we consciously give up 50-60 % of our annual honey yield.
  • Treatments are performed exclusively with ecological means ( honeycombs have an absorbent property and when treating bees with chemical preparations residues remain in the honeycomb for over 3 years, leaving them in honey).
  • Hives must be made of natural materials and protected by eco- friendly colors.
  • The apiary must be 3 km away from the treated areas.

We want to produce something that our children will eat and that will not take a toll on nature.

Let`s pause for a moment and think….everything that happens today happens for a reason. Let us not depart from nature but return to it!!!

A big greeting from the heart of Kopači rit!!!