Tikveš is a little village with barely twenty houses, half of which were abandoned.

Many prominent world statesmen and rulers came by over the years. The Habsburg family recognized Tikveš oak forests as a hunting area rich in large game and they built a castle for the needs of the imperial hunting ground.

The castle of Habsburg- also known as“ Tito castle“ and representative hunting gound Tikveš have retained the patina to this day. Right here in Kopački rit, in the forest and in the village of Tikveš, our ECO BEEKEEPING GUSAK is located.

Our beehive is located in an area of nature park Kopački rit. All our products are eco- friendly and certified by a certification company- Eco development.
All treatments at the organic beehive are carried out exclusively with the means permitted in organic production.

Kopački rit is a natural ecosystem for itself. Due to continuous flooding, different types of vegetation develop. On the one hand, they are different types of forests and on the other hand wetlands and aquatic vegetation.
Kopački rit proudly counts 285 species of birds, deer, hogs, wild boars, otters, foxes, squirrels.
Endless shrubs, willow, poplar and oak forests dotted with pounds, shallow lakes and wetlands make this region`s flora and fauna unique in Europe.